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A meldung / dermonung vegn di vayterdike unternemungen funem Maks

S'vet zikh oykh onheybn a serye referatn af english:

MONTIK DEM 28STN NOVEMBER 2005, 7:00, vet uftretn
Maro¹ Borský (Slovakisher yidisher muzey)
"Slovakish-yidishe yerushe"

MONTIK DEM 12TN DETSEMBER 2005, 7:00 vet uftretn
Pawel Maciejko (Abramovitsh-stipendyant, Hebreisher universitet)
"Perspektivn vegn dem frankizm"

DINSTIK DEM 13TN DETSEMBER 2005, 12:00 vet uftretn
Heidemarie Petersen (Tendler-stipendyant, Layptsiker universitet)
"Yidishe historiografye in mizrekh-tsentral-eyrope: a farglaykhiker tsugang"

Vi oykh a seminar af yidish:

FRAYTIK DEM 16TN DETSEMBER 2005, 12:00, vet uftretn
NOMI JONES (Nyu-yorker shtot-bibliotek)
"Yidish-kultur hinter di hori-khoyshekh"

Der adres: 15 West 16th Street.
Me bet lozn undz visn (212-294-6139), az ir kumt.


Dem yidishn film "Horizontn fun Hofenung" a dokumentar-film vegn di ershte yorn fun medines-yisrol un der arbet fun der Pionern-froyen-organizatsye vet men zen in Bronxer "Sholem Aleichem Kultur Tsenter", 3301 Bainbridge Avenue,(rog 208te gas) zuntik dem 13tn Nov. 2005, 1:30 bay tog.

Irena Hak, di prezidentn fun der nyu-yorker NAAMAT-Pionern Froyen vet onfirn a diskusye nokhn film.


Montik dem 21stn November ordnt ayn der Alveltlekher Yidisher Kultur-Kongres a kontsert lekoved der poetese, molerin, un kompozitorin Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, laureat fun der 2005 Natsionale Yerushe Stipendye funem National Endowment for the Arts.

Es veln uftretn di Yidishe teater-shtern Shifra Lerer un Khayem Wolfe; di Yidishe divas Adrienne (Khane) Cooper, Theresa Tova, un Phyllis (Feygl) Berk; di Pripetshik Zingers mitn dirigent Binyumen Schaechter; der zinger Josh Waletzky, di velt-barimte klezmer fidlerin Alicia Svigals un der tsimbler Pinkhes Rushefsky.

Der Alveltlekher Yidisher Kultur-Kongres git zikh op shoyn 57 yor mit farshpreytn di Yidishe kultur in Amerike un iber der gorer velt. Der kontsert,”Yiddish Extravaganza”, iz letoyves dem Kongres un vet forkumen, i”h, Montik dem 21stn November, 7 a zeyger in ovnt, in Theatre 80 St. Marks in Manhattan.


The Columbia University Series on Klezmer Music and Yiddish Song opens its 2005-2006 series on Monday, December 12, 2005, 8:00 PM, with a klezmer concert and Yiddish dance party featuring the Strauss/Warschauer Duo and the Columbia Klezmer Band.

The concert of traditional and original klezmer music and Yiddish songs will be followed by dance instruction and a dance party.

The event is free and open to the public, and will take place at Deutsches Haus, 420 West 116th Street (between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive) in New York City. No tickets necessary.

Curated by Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer of the Strauss/Warschauer Duo, this series is dedicated to presenting performances and lectures that reflect the finest current research and creativity in the fields of klezmer music and Yiddish song.

Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer are two of the most beloved performers and teachers in the international klezmer and Yiddish music scene. They were both long-time members of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and have performed with violinist Itzhak Perlman on film and in concert. As the Strauss/Warschauer Duo, they have performed to overwhelming acclaim in such diverse venues as the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow, the Folksbiene Yiddish Theater in New York City, and the Art of Yiddish in Los Angeles with Theodore Bikel. They lead workshops and classes throughout North America and Europe, and are on the faculty of KlezKamp, KlezKanada and KlezFest at the University of London.

The Columbia Klezmer Band is a group of talented musicians from Columbia University who have come together to study and perform traditional klezmer music. Founded in 2000 by Asya Vaisman, the Columbia Klezmer Band has performed in many cities throughout the Northeast, in venues ranging from Columbia Rennert Hall to Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room. The CKB has performed for concerts, festivals, dance parties, fundraisers, and other celebrations.



dem kumindikn zuntik, dem 6tn november, gibn di bostoner klezmer a kontsert. vi a teyl fun der "music bay der 'j' yidisher muzik serie" veln zey forshteln a program fun traditsionaler un amerikaner klezmer muzik un nigunim, vi oykh nay geshribine zakhn.
Ven: Zuntik, dem 6tn november, 3 nokh mitog
Vu: Schenectady Jewish Community Center
2565 Balltown Road
Niskayuna, NY 12309
telefon: (518) 377-8803


Идиш для начинающих: класс в Кембридже
Если вы хотите научиться говорить и читать на идише, приходите в гарвардский Гилель (52 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge) по понедельникам с 7:15 до 8:45 вечера. После 15 уроков вы будете знать элементарную грамматику, сможете читать и поддерживать беседы на разные темы, и начнете радовать слух близких (и любых других) родственников выученными еврейскими песнями.



Sunday December 4
Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington
6125 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD
1:30 p.m. "Ber Borokhov -- A Hero For Our Times: Founder of Yiddish
research and of the Poalei-Zion"
3:30 p.m. "The History of Yiddish in America"

Prof. Rakhmiel Peltz, of Drexel University, comes to Washington in the latest installment of our series of lectures/seminars bringing some of the leading scholars in the Yiddish world today to Washington. Both programs will be conducted ENTIRELY IN YIDDISH. Spend the afternoon with Prof. Peltz, a dynamic scholar and one of the leading researchers of sociolinguistics in Yiddish. His pathbreaking book on the surviving Yiddish community in South Philadelphia and its history has won wide acclaim. On December 4, he joins us to share his knowledge and research. First, Prof. Peltz will speak about the fascinating figure, Ber Borokhov (1880-1917), who was a leading theorist in yiddish research in Russia and a founder of the socialist-zionist movement known as Poalei Zion. Then, Prof. Peltz will move on to a more wide-ranging discussion of the history of Yiddish in America and its lessons.



"Kvetcht nisht; zayt freylakh" (Don't kvetch; be happy)
Yiddish dance, led by world-famous instructor Steve Weintraub
JCC of Greater Washington
6125 Montrose Road, Rockville MD

Steve Weintraub, the Pied Piper of Yiddish dance, has been Klezkamp's official (and hugely successful) dance instructor and the leader of Yiddish dance workshops throughout North America and Europe. He has spent his career studying historic Yiddish dance and teaching delighted audiences of all ages and levels of experience to get on their feet and join in the graceful, expressive, funny, and moving experience of traditional Yiddish dance. There is a reason why our ancestors enjoyed weddings and other simkhes so much: the dancing was fun and infectious!!! Chanukah program will include the traditional lighting of the Chanukah candles and singing of Yiddish Chanukah songs.




Mon, Dec 5 @ 5:45pm, Aaron and Cecile Goldman Theater, DCJCC
Tues, Dec 6 @ 1:00 pm, Aaron and Cecile Goldman Theater, DCJCC
Wed, Dec 7 @ 9:00 pm, Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema

Russia/France, 2005, 35mm
107 minutes
Russian and Yiddish with English subtitles
Director: Pavel Lounguine

"Roots" tours of Eastern Europe are all the rage and Edouard is looking to cash-in on Jews eager to visit their shtetl of origin. When it turns-out that the shtetl was destroyed long-ago, Edouard, undeterred convinces a village nearby to act the part. Furthermore, he convinces some of the residents to pose as long-lost relatives for the Western tourists. However, identity and kinship are powerful elements to tamper with and a comically powerful alchemy throws Edouard's best-laid plans into crisis.

Co-sponsored by the Russian Cultural Center and Yiddish of Greater Washington


Wed, Dec 7 @ 5:00pm, Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema
Thurs, Dec 8 @ 1:00pm, Aaron and Cecile Goldman Theater, DCJCC

France/Israel, 2004, 35mm
96 minutes
English, Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew with English subtitles
Director: Michale Boganim

Beginning in the Ukrainian metropolis on the Black Sea, this beautiful documentary discovers the remnants of the once thriving Odessan Jewish community and follows it into "exile" amidst the environs of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn and Ashdod, Israel. These former Odessans long for a sense of a belonging that cannot be replicated in their adopted homes despite the cohesive "little Odessas" in which they dwell. While their children adapt to their new homes more easily, the émigrés pine for a paradise lost even as they confess that perhaps it never existed at all. "In Odessa we were Jews, in Israel we are Russians," says one of them, lamenting the exile's dilemma.

Co-sponsored by the Embassy of Israel, the Russian Cultural Center, and Yiddish of Greater Washington


New Yiddish Class at the DC JCC!!
Introduction to Yiddish

This class will be led by acclaimed local Yiddish teacher Lee Goldberg. Learn the aleph-beys and basic conversation, begin a fascinating exploration of the Yiddish language and its riches. Enroll yourself if you would like to improve your beginning Yiddish skills, and tell your friends that this is their opportunity to begin to experience the vast riches of Yiddish.

6 Sundays: November 6-December 18, 7-8:15pm
DC Jewish Community Center
1529 16th Street NW
Washington DC 20036



Announcing: The Art of Yiddish 2005
Knights, Mystics, Partisans & Scribes: Heroes of the Yiddish World
December 18-24, 2005
at the University of Judaism and Skirball Cultural Center
Los Angeles

The Art of Yiddish, offered by the California Institute for Yiddish Culture & Language (CIYCL) in association with Skirball Cultural Center, brings you a week to explore the vibrancy of Yiddish language and culture in-depth with the world's foremost experts. Morning language classes range from entry level to skilled. New this year is a class focusing only on conversation. This internationally renowned crash course imparts and sharpens the tools by which to access the treasure-box of Yiddish.

Language instructors include:
Yitshok Niborski, Medem Bibliotheque, Paris
Sheva Zucker, League for Yiddish and YIVO, NY
Sheila Liberman, University of Judaism, LA
Yakov Basner, Workmen's Circle, LA

Afternoon workshops include special sessions with maestro Theodore Bikel on beloved songwriter Mordechai Gebirtig. Lectures in English and Yiddish reveal how Yiddish culture has profoundly and often comically influenced and been influence by surrounding cultures' from Renaissance tales of
knights and princesses to popular shows on tv. Dr. Janet Hadda, Professor Emerita of Yiddish at UCLA presents a talk on "Bashevis's Unlikely Heroes"; leading social historian Dr. Samuel Kassow describes the courageous roles played by Yiddish champions for truth and justice in Eastern Europe; and Dr. Yitzhok Niborski explores how Christian knights and Jewish mystics have been portrayed in Yiddish literature. "The Partisans of Vilna", a riveting documentary by Josh Waletsky on young Jewish WW II resistance fighters, is featured on our film night.

The December 24 Gala Chanukah Concert
International Jazz Diva Theresa Tova, one hot mamele, headlines in a musical program of sexy new Yiddish sounds and sensitive interpretations of Yiddish standards like you've never heard before. The
Strauss/Warschauer Duo round off a not-to-be-missed holiday event to benefit the continuation of CIYCL's mission.

Join us for the entire week or an afternoon. Enrollment and detailed schedule and cost information is posted on www.yiddishinstitute.org or e-mail yiddishinstitute@comcast.net.
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