October 22nd, 2005

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Слово «швицер», в значении суетливый, хвастливый человек, пройдоха, как оно правильно пишется и какова его этимология?

что-то с памятью...

на "любителя":

1) "Isa Kremer" by Judith Pinnolis

биографический очерк.
содержит весьма подробную библиографию.

2) "Judaism: Jolson, Judy, and Jewish memory" by Irving Sapoznik

In many of these songs, Eastern Europe is re-created as a lost paradise, the earthly equivalent of a biblical Eden, where life and learning continues unimpeded by the outside world. Perhaps the most famous of these songs, and the most typical, is "Mayn Shtetle Belz," written by Alexander Olshenetsky and Jacob Jacobs for the 1932 musical GetoLid. In the musicalized Belz, Spring springs eternal, childhood is recalled as playful laughter, sweet dreams and idyllic Sabbath strolls along the riverbank. Words and music reinforce an idealized Judaism, detached from the turbulent world that threatened its survival. On a New York stage, before a New York audience, the Yiddish actor sings of a romanticized past, a pastoral landscape of shtetl mythology that contrasts with the urban reality of the street.

вот ведь "простой Сапожник" :)) , а как ... излагает


а гите вох, идн! ;)