December 16th, 2011

  • itzik

"Naye khvalyes"

Сегодня, я получил в Facebook плохую новость из Варшавы. Совет польского радио для заграницы снимает программу "Naye khvalyes" с эфира с 1-го января 2012 года. Ниже привожу текст письма.

On December 14th, the Board of Directors of Polskie Radio decided to take our program "Naye Khvalyes" off the air, starting January 1st, 2012. We are very saddened by the news, especially that we believe our program has done a lot to promote Yiddish and we have managed to reach an audience worldwide. This is the time we need your voices of support. You can write your comments to the following address:

Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy
Polskiego Radia SA
al. Niepodległości 77/85
00-977 Warszawa
tel.+48 22 645 93 05
fax +48 22 645 39 52

Please send a copy (cc) of your letter to It will help us with estimating the support you give.