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XIth Symposium for Yiddish Studies in Germany XIth Symposium for Yiddish Studies in Germany

22-24 September 2008 in Duesseldorf 

The XIth Symposium for Yiddish Studies in Germany will be held 22-24
September 2008 at the Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf. This annual
Symposium is organized alternately by the Yiddish programs at the
universities of Trier and Duesseldorf and is intended to offer scholars the
possibility to present their research, exchange ideas and put forward
questions for discussion.
You are invited to submit abstracts for 20 min. papers until April 1, 2008.
Presentations can be held in Yiddish or German.
We have decided not to devote the symposium to a single topic in order not
to exclude any of the fields of research within Yiddish Studies.
Interdisciplinary papers with a connection to Yiddish Studies are welcome.
The symposium is open to all those interested in Yiddish Studies. A
participation fee of 10 EUR is to be paid at the symposium itself. We ask
participants to register in advance at the address below.
We are happy to answer question by mail, fax or e-mail.
Simon Neuberg (Professor of Yiddish Studies, University of Trier)
Marion Aptroot (Professor of Yiddish Studies, University of Duesseldorf)
Correspondence address:
Abteilung fuer Jiddische Kultur, Sprache und Literatur
Institut fuer Juedische Studien
Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf
Universitaetsstr. 1
40225 Duesseldorf
Email: jiddisch@phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de

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