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Учебник Intensive Yiddish by Gennady Estraikh

Нашел в украинском онлайн-магазине данный учебник. Мне он очень понравился. Много текстов и слов, хорошая бумага, крупный формат и даже обложка с клапанами! И все за 16 евро + доставка (а они доставляют по всему СНГ).

Вот его описание на английском:

1996г. 255 стр, увличеный формат

Intensive Yiddish is an indispensable textbook for both the beginner and the advanced level student, working either with a teacher or on their own. The book is comprehensive, covering all the most important areas of Yiddish grammar. Grammatical information is given in short, manageable amounts. Each lesson follows a pattern:
Texts and dialogues with word lists
Clear explanations of the relevant grammar points
Actual examples demonstrating usage
Exercises (with answers) for self study

The book contains an extensive Yiddish-English vocabulary of 2,000 entries. Particular attention is given to those grammatical constructions which have no direct analogies in English. Intensive Yiddish gives the student access to authentic Yiddish through a rich mixture of highly readable texts, including a selection of stories and poems by contemporary Yiddish writers.
Tags: учебники, учим идиш
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