zaitvailik (zaitvailik) wrote in ru_yiddish,

может кто поможет?

From: "SIDNEY SHAIEVITZ" shaievitzberowitz собака msn дот com
Subject: Searching for a translation of "Katsebileh"
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 12:09:01 -0400

I am translating the Felshtin yisker book, written in the early 1930's, covering the period 1880-1920 and the 1919 pogrom. Felshtin was a shtetl in the western Ukraine, Podolia Guburnia. I need a translation and explanation of the word "katsebileh," as in:
"...your brother Ira, may he rest in peace, should have been = ostrazied because he studied the literal meaning of katsebileh." (koof = aleph tsadek ayen beys yud lamed ayen)

Ira was a "shmad" (covert to Christianity) and his nickname was = "shmadnik."

Sidney Shaievitz
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